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Paper Topic Ideas for You

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Paper Topic Ideas

  • Baroque Architecture

If you chose this topic to write my paper you have to look at particular Baroque architectural works, and discusses the general characteristics of the style. This paper first sets out to explain what is Baroque? As well it sets the parameters for the study. The paper then looks at style, The Baroque City, St. Peter’s Square, Intimate Baroque, and Chimerical Baroque.

  • Based On Two Books, Nisa The Life And Words Of A Kung Women! By Marjorie Shostak And Thunder Rides A Black Horse By Claire R. Farrer

This paper will seek to analyze the field research in Nisa: The Life and Words of a Kung Woman by Marjorie Shostak and Thunder Rides a Black Horse by Claire Farrer. By showing the manners of emic and etic reseach in these studies, we can see how they are similar and different.

  • Beersheba

The ancient city of Beersheba or Beer Sheba, or Bir-al-Saba dates back to the days of King David and Solomon and beyond. The following paper gives a brief look into the ancient times.

  • Burial Rituals of Ancient Egyptians

This paper presents an overview on the burial rituals of the ancient Egyptians. Mummy processes, the purpose for the process and their belief in the afterlife are all detailed.

  • 13047 The field museum of Natural history

This paper is on “The field museum of Natural history”. It includes the information on one of the finest collections of artifacts of any museum in the world. It also includes that what can you learn from the material displayed? What can we learn about the interaction of culture and the environment or about the influence of cultures on each other? And do we see the pattern in what is displayed about the cultures and/or what is not displayed? It also explains how the museums like this contribute to the understanding of culture, cultural adaptation and diversity use of anthropological concepts.

  • 1500: Pre-Mediterranean California

Though citrus seeds were dropped in Orange, California soil sometime after 1500, giving the area its unique name, prior to the 1500s, the main fruits in Orange County were naturally occurring breadfruits – currants, blackberries and huckleberries. Life in Orange County was harsh in 1500, forged from the land, sea and plant life we rarely identify as food today. One might ride a wild horse to capture deer or row a boat in the ocean to fish. However, most residents of Orange County in 1500 lived off the land and its plant life. They used plants for food, for protection from the elements, to build ropes, and as medicine.

  • 20th Century Ottomon Empire with the Ancient Egypt

This paper compares the government, religion, language, and art of the Egypt with the Ottoman Empire.

  • Caesar by Colleen McCullough.

Known to millions as the author of “The Thorn Birds”, Colleen McCullough has now received full apperception for the peculiarity and precision of her research on Roman history, receiving a doctorate from a Sydney university. This book is written in such a precise manner that it is recommend that those unfamiliar with Roman society and politics can easily grasp the theme of the story. It is an intellectual work but with fact and fiction so intelligently woven together that it would be impossible for a reader unfamiliar with the period to tell which is which. The mark of a good historical novel is one, which leaves the reader educated without their knowledge; even better, fired with the excitement to find out more, particularly the desire to ascertain the fact from the fiction. The novel “Ceaser”succeeds in depicting this trait as mentioned earlier. Not only do the reader feels that his knowledge of the end of the Roman Republic is hugely expanded and put into clearer context with reference to other events.

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