Thursday 23 September 2021 - h 16:45


Pelliconi becomes a Top Partner of Bologna FC for the 2021/22 season

Bologna FC 1909 and Pelliconi, a company specialised in the production of bottle caps and a world leader in the sector of metal, aluminium and plastic stoppings for the food & beverage industry, are pleased to announce that they have reached a partnership agreement for the 2021/22 season: Pelliconi becomes Bologna’s Top Partner from today.

Founded in Bologna in 1939, the Pelliconi company is ever-expanding, and today it has five production plants spread over four continents: two in Italy, in Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bologna) and in Atessa (Chieti); one in Africa, in Cairo (Egypt); one in the United States, in Orlando (Florida); one in Asia in Suzhou (China). In addition to these production sites, there are five foreign commercial branches, thanks to which Pelliconi has created an extensive sales and distribution network that has allowed the group to establish itself among the major producers and exporters of bottle caps globally.

Pelliconi currently has an annual production of over 30 billion bottle caps and employs nearly 600 employees worldwide.

“We’re very happy to be able to announce today the agreement reached with Pelliconi” commented Christoph Winterling, the marketing and commercial director for Bologna. “In recent years we have grown together and from this year onwards Pelliconi will be a Top Partner of Bologna. This growth comes from a relationship that has grown stronger and stronger: Bologna and Pelliconi share common values and the same vision. We are very happy that Marco Checchi and his company have decided to continue investing in Bologna by lining up alongside the Rossoblù colours once again this season”.


“The Latin phrase ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ is extremely topical and is also meaningful in the company where we spend most of our time”, said Pelliconi CEO Marco Checchi. “Pelliconi always tries to involve its employees in cultural and sporting activities, with the belief that this helps to achieve a good level of general well-being that allows them to better face personal and corporate challenges. Loving sport in all its manifestations is a strong stimulus for inner improvement. Engagement in sporting activity, coordination, and healthy competition with others facilitate the exchange of opinions, as well as values like tolerance, non-discrimination, team building, all characteristics that we use to inject positive energy into us to help shape and improve ourselves. A recent example is the successes of the Italian national team at the European Championships as well as the medals won at the Olympics. The enthusiasm and positivity of these results have given the country a significant boost at a time of great need. These values are of vital importance for us, and we have found them all in the vision of Bologna FC, it was therefore easy to start a constructive dialogue that will develop further in the coming years”.