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Below are the links for the transfer and completion of subscriptions and tickets and the reprinting of the place card:

Reprint placeholder subscription loaded on Fidelity Card

The supporting identifier (this is the card number, a 12-digit code starting with 027) and the holder’s date of birth in the form dd/mm/yyyyy, e.g. for 5 November 1956 it is necessary to enter 05/11/1956.





Change ticket user for a single game

The tax seal of the ticket to be surrendered is required.





Transfer of season tickets loaded on a Fidelity Card to another Fidelity Card for a single game

(available until 4 hours before KO)
You will need the holder’s card number (12-digit code starting with 027), the holder’s date of birth in the form dd/mm/yyyyy, e.g. for 5 November 1956 you need to enter 05/11/1956, and the recipient’s card (which must be a Siamo RossoBlu or We Are One Fidelity Card).
You will then be able to choose the event for which to give the ticket. You will be asked for an email to which the transfer receipt will be sent, which MUST be printed out and brought to the stadium together with the recipient’s card.







In the case of temporary disability, which implicates assistance tools such as crutches or similar instruments, access to the ticketed area will only take place once a medical certificate that attests that the individual in question is able to correctly ambulate with the help of the instrument mentioned in the certificate. If this certificate cannot be provided the individual will have to sit in the section of the stadium reserved for disabled people (subject to availability).


The following regulations apply to individuals only. Institutions, associations and centres are to directly contact the club in advance of the desired match in in order to verify the availability of the places, as well as to deal with access requirements.

Tickets for disabled supporters will not be sold through the usual channels. Instead, you will have to request accreditation via E-mail (at the address or fax (+39 051 6111122) in accordance to the dates and times published on this page corresponding to the match in question. Early accreditation requests will not be accepted.

The accreditation requests have to be attached with legible copies of the disability certificate (which has to be 75% or more) and appropriate ID.

For those who have right to a carer, it is necessary to send the aforementioned documents for them as well. For disabled people who cannot ambulate on their own, signed responsibility clearance has to be submitted (please download it here).

The requests that meet the requirements will be accepted on a first come first served basis until capacity has been reached.


“Bologna For Community” is a social initiative started by Bologna Fc 1909 S.p.A., in collaboration with PMG Italia – La Mobilità Garantita and Io Sto Sto Con…Il Sorriso Solidale ONLUS, to bring people of all different abilities to participate in Bologna Fc life.

Bologna Fc 1909 and PMG Italia are working to guarantee free transport to the Renato Dall’Ara stadium on gamedays at home for disabled people who, in their absence, can not or have great difficulty making it to the stadium.

Who it’s aimed at:
• Disabled season ticket holders and their accompanying carers
• Accreditation for disabled season ticket holders and their accompanying carers.
• Accreditation for disabled persons with limited mobility/non-ambulatory  and accompanying persons, if any


There are 3 entrance and exit zones for the Renato Dall’Ara stadium. Fans can choose the most convenient and local area.
• BOLOGNA WEST: Borgo Shopping Centre Entrance (entrance from via Emilia – free parking opposite the Q8 petrol station on Via Marco Emilio Lepido 184)
• BOLOGNA CENTRAL: Lame Shopping centre Car Park, across from the main entrance
• BOLOGNA EAST: Piazzale Atleti Azzurri d’Italia 1, parking at the “Gianni Falchi” stadium


Regardless of age, the regulations state that every spectator has to have purchased a ticket to gain entry to the stadium.
Concessions will need to provide suitable ID for the ticket purchased in order to gain access to the stadium: Children under-14 can alternatively provide tax code, health card, a form of identification released by the city hall or the passport of a parent that also includes the personal details of the minor. It has been possible to request ID for children under the age of 15 from April 2011: we strongly advise requesting it.


Accreditation requests for scouts will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The request has to be submitted:
  • on club-headed paper;
  • the request must contain all personal data (surname, name and date of birth);
  • Serie A sides can send a maximum of two scouts, whereas Serie B sides can send one (subject to availability);
  • the request has to arrive by 12:00 two working days before the match (Thursday for games taking place on Sunday).

Unless directly agreed upon, no accreditations will be issued for clubs from Lega Pro and lower categories. The procedure for collecting confirmed accreditations will be specified on the match page.

Accreditation requests for future matches will not be taken into consideration, only for the next game on the schedule.


Accreditation requests are EXCLUSIVELY by completing the online form whose link is present on the page of the match, only on the days and times published on that page. Future requests will not be approved.

Requests have to be accompanied by the 2021 pass on top of an identity document. Places will be assigned in order of request and subject to availability. Expired passes will not be taken into consideration.

The procedure of collecting confirmed accreditations, from time to time, will be specified on the page dedicated to the match.



For the purposes of these “Ground rules and regulations”, the term “Ground” shall mean the entire structure of the stadium including any external areas and the term “Club” shall mean Bologna FC 1909 spa.


Permission to enter or to remain within the Ground during any Event, is regulated by the following rules and regulations, as well as the rules and regulations of FIFA, UEFA, the Italian Football Association (F.I.G.C.), the Italian Football League, the Club and the Authority for Public Security and Safety, Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazioni Sportive (as per ART. 1-octies D.L. 28/2003 conv. L. 88/2003).

The purchase of a valid ticket determines the acceptance of the present Ground Regulations by the visitor and acceptance of the rules and regulations. This acceptance and obligation also applies to anyone to whom the ticket – or any other document allowing access to the stadium – is transferred, should such a transfer be permissible according to the rules and laws in force.

With the exception of cases in accordance with Article 1 quinquies, Paragraph 7 (Legislative Decree 28/2003), anyone who enters the facility in violation of the stadium regulations – or who does not leave when violation of the regulations leads to the person being expelled from the facility following verification of video or photographic evidence provided by security staff or other objective parties – will be subject to an administrative fine of between €100 and €500.

The fine may be increased up to half the maximum amount if the offender has previously been sanctioned for the same offence in the current sports season, even if said offence took place in a different facility. In the above case, the offender may be banned and subject to provisions under Article 6 of Law 401 of 13 December 1989 for a period between three months and two years. The administrative sanctions referred to here are to be issued by the Prefect of the province in which the facility is located.

The Club/Organizer reserves the right to expel from the Ground any person failing to comply with any of the Ground Rules and Regulations, admission to future events will be denied to anyone who has violated Ground Rules and Regulations also in absence of a legal banning order.

Tickets are personal and not transferable, except in the cases and through the procedures regulated by Italian law and the Organising Club.

Tickets to access sports facilities may not be purchased if this violates provisions designed to keep the two sets of supporters apart. Anyone who fails to respect this may be expelled from the facility.

Access to the Stadium is also subject to the possession of a valid identification document to be exhibited at the pre-filtering gates together with the ticket in order to allow entry control personnel to verify congruency between registered ticket holder and user thereof. (L. 4 marzo 2007 n. 41 art. 1).

Furthermore, the ticket must be conserved for the entire duration of the match and exhibited at any moment at the requested of the personnel in charge.

Spectators have the right/duty to occupy solely the seat allocated to them on their tickets and cannot access other areas of the Stadium, other than that indicated on the ticket, unless specifically authorised by the Club or the Authority of Public Safety, not to occupy any other seat, even if not used by other persons, except when expressly authorised by the Club or Authority for Public Security and Safety.

All instructions given by stewards and the safety and security staff at the stadium must be followed.

Spectators may be checked by stewards using metal detectors or pat-downs, with the aim of preventing illegal, banned and/or dangerous materials being brought into the facility. Spectators must follow the stewards’ instructions and may be refused entry if they do not consent to these checks.

Inside the Ground its forecourts and pedestrian areas the following are strictly forbidden:

  •  racial, homophobic, religious discriminatory abuse, chanting or harassment or showing offensive written banners;
  •  the obstruction of gangway, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and like places is strictly forbidden;
  •  nobody entering the Ground shall be permitted to climb any structures within the Ground;
  •  cause damage tampering, interfering with any structure, infrastructures, equipment, furniture, fitting or fixture within the Ground;
  •   introducing or possessing harmful substances, flammable substances, dyes and drugs;
  • introducing animals, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind and rescue dogs;
  • introducing or selling alcoholic drinks above 5 degrees, unless a permit has been previously requested and granted, licenses will be given by the appropriate competent authorities;
  • introducing or possessing fireworks, bengalas, other pyrotechnics, smoke bombs; introducing or possessing: stones, knives, bottles, glass containers other objects which could be thrown or could compromise public safety, noisemakers, laser devices and any other item that could compromise public safety;
  • umbrellas with pointed tips may not be brought into the stadium, even if it is raining or rain is forecast.
  • displaying any material which blocks other spectators’ view or the emergency signs or that is in any way an obstacle to emergency exits and escape routes towards the pitch;
  • making leaflets or sales of any kind and for any purpose unless authorized in writing by the organizer;
  • introducing or selling, within the Ground, drinks contained in cans, glass or plastic bottles, the beverages must be poured in a plastic or carton glass;
  • introducing and disseminating, banners, signs, symbols and leaflets, written or printed, which differ from the permitted material that has been Authorised by (G.O.S.) on behalf of the Club, banners, signs, symbols and leaflets cannot be displayed in different spaces from the authorised ones and must be removed at the end of the Event;
  •  organizing any non authorised choreography or which could differ from the ones authorised from (GOS) on behalf of the Club;
  • attempting to enter the Ground or be inside the Ground whilst drunk or under the effect of drugs; please be reminded that it is also an offence to enter the stadium in disguise, to enter with weapons or improvised weapons, to bear badges or symbols of associations which promote discrimination or violence for racial, ethnic, national or religious reasons, to incite violence during competitive sports events, to possess, throw or use dangerous items or fireworks, to climb over barriers or invade the pitch.Upon authorization by GOS (Gruppo Operativo Sicurezza – Security Operating Group) is possible:
  • introduce and display banners or the like, including choreography materials, unless expressly authorized by GOS (Gruppo Operativo Sicurezza – Security Operating Group) as provided by the Observatory Decision n.14/2007 8-3-2007.;
  • In accordance with the instructions provided in the Memorandum of Understanding of 4 August 2017 undersigned by the Italian Interior Ministry, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Italian Ministry for Sport, the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC), Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A, Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie B, Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico, Lega Nazionale Dilettanti, Associazione Italiana Calciatori (Italian Footballers’ Association), Associazione Italiana Allenatori Calcio (Italian Football Coaches’ Association), Associazione Italiana Arbitri (Italian Referees’ Association), only the followed are permitted:

– Drums and megaphones to be used as acoustic instruments. If these are brought into the stadium, the same rules apply as for banners (see the instructions on procedure provided on the official website The Operative Security Group (GOS), after assessing the local context, will grant authorization provided that: a) the number is proportionate to the size of the respective section of the stadium; b) drums are single-beat only; c) the name of the reference must be provided in advance to the Operative Security Group.


For the purposes of their roles, stewards are – in accordance with Articles 336 and 337 of the Italian Penal Code – seen as public officials (Article 6-quater of Law 401/1989 on violence or threatening behaviour towards security staff in places where sports events take place).

In the event of temporary personal disability resulting in the need to use means of assistance to walk (i.e. crutches or similar), visitors will only be admitted to the sector of the stadium corresponding to their ticket if they can produce a medical certificate stating that the person in question “is capable of walking properly and independently because they have been supplied with the means of assistance prescribed in the certificate itself”. In the event that the spectator is not in possession of a medical certificate, that spectator will – subject to availability and the approval of security personnel – be shown to the sector reserved for disabled persons.

Both the inside and outside of the stadium are under surveillance by an audio-video recording system, with data collected by this system processed in accordance with the provisions set out in Legislative Decree No.196 of 30 June 2003 and Ministerial Decree 06/06/2005. Security staff may use audio-visual resources to collect data for the purposes set out in the aforementioned legislation.

Any persons who attend a sports event at the stadium acknowledge that they are attending a public event and therefore grant their authorisation for all future use of any audio and video recordings that may have been made and may feature their voice, image and appearance. These may be used for live or recorded video projections, radio transmissions or other types of transmissions through recordings, photographs or any other type of current and/or future technology;

No equipment for audio/video recording, cameras or video cameras may be used in or admitted to the space hosting the event.

All persons attending a match are forbidden from recording and/or broadcasting sounds, images and/or descriptions of the stadium or the game (including the result and/or any statistics from the match) except where this is for private use.

In any case, the transmission via internet, radio, television or any other current and/or future means of communication of sounds, images, descriptions, results and/or statistics relating to the match, in whole or in part, is strictly forbidden, as is helping anybody else to do this.

Mobile phones may only be used in the stadium for personal, private reasons.

Translation in English of the Italian version. In case of discrepancies, the Italian version prevails.

The code of conduct for fans is consultable via this link.

The Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) is a delegate from the club that is responsible for relations with the fans. Mirco Sandoni fulfils this position at Bologna FC 1909. His job is to inform the club’s management of problems related to the supporters, consult the club on such matters and to guarantee a communication channel between club and fans.

Email for any questions.

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