Thursday 29 August 2019 - h 17:27


Liu Jo become main partners of BFC Women

From the 2019/20 season, all Bologna Fc 1909 women’s sides will also be sponsored by Liu Jo. The renewal of the partnership between the Italian fashion company and the football club was announced several months ago, but now extends to Bologna Women too.

This is an important step which further strengthens the bond between the Emilia-Romagna based company and the Rossoblù club. It extends the Liu Jo sponsorship to all women’s age groups at the club, making the 2019/20 sponsorship more holistic than ever before and in active support of women’s football.

This extension of the sponsorship deal will reach approximately 140 players, from the first team to the U17s, U15s, U12s, U10s and U9s all the way through to the youngest age groups. The sponsorship will follow the players as they progress through the age groups at the club, acting as a constant link to the team’s values, empowerment and continuous improvement. The Emilia-Romagna company have identified the world of football, and sport in general, as an effective platform upon which to promote the empowerment of women.

Marco Marchi, president of Liu Jo S.p.A, declared: “I am happy that our name is now also linked to Bologna Fc 1909 women and to all the players – women and girls who embody sportiness, independence and modern femininity. Liu Jo is a brand that was born for women and has always spoken to women. These women certainly represent exceptional role models, and not just on the football pitch.

We are delighted that our main partner Liu Jo has decided to extend their sponsorship to our women’s teams aswell”, said Christoph Winterling, the Director of Marking and Communications at Bologna. “Women’s football has grown a lot in recent years, as illustrated by the enthusiasm surrounding the Women’s World Cup. Bologna is a club that believes strongly in this movement and wants to offer everyone, both boys and girls, the chance to wear the Rossoblù colours.