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Kinto challenge ahead of Roma vs. Bologna

On 22 April, the KINTO Challenge began. The journey-come-challenge involved two teams representing AS Roma and Bologna FC 1909 in the name of mobile sustainability thanks to the Bologna partner KINTO, the mobility company of the Toyota group. Both teams were captained by legends of the two sides, Ruggiero Rizzitelli and Domenico Maietta.

KINTO accompanied the two teams, who faced off in a series of quizzes and fun games based on sustainability, on their journey to the Stadio Olimpico on 22 April, where Bologna was set to face Roma in the league that evening.

The initiative saw both teams begin in Bologna and journey to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome using mobility solutions offered by KINTO, a unique offering on the market achieved through the best combination of electric technologies in Toyota and Lexus vehicles and digital platforms, capable of satisfying the needs of individuals and businesses.

Using the KINTO Share and KINTO Go apps, the two teams were able to experiment with different forms of travel and faced off in a challenge based on KINTO’s values: sustainability, inclusivity, and simplicity.

They travelled over 400km, using the KINTO Share Full Hybrid car sharing vehicles and ordering a hybrid taxi via KINTO Go in Bologna. Then, a train from Bologna to Rome, and other mobility solutions such as scooters, metros, busses, and trams once in the capital.

Thanks to the sustainable mobility options made available by KINTO, the two teams saved 70% of their potential CO2 emissions when compared to using conventional means of transportation, thus definitively reducing their environmental impact.

Fans of both squads were able to follow this challenge via the KINTO social media channels, thanks to the involvement of presenter Carolina Di Domenico who followed each team and told us about their experiences.

The initiative also provided the opportunity to launch a new competition that sees a new Toyota C-HR free to lease for six months with the KINTO Flex service as a prize, as well as ten vouchers worth 100 euros up for grabs to be used on the KINTO Go app. 

The KINTO Challenge ended in a draw with both sides sharing the prize. The two teams both enjoyed the Roma vs. Bologna games as one in the true sense of inclusivity.

At the end of the game, showing their full discovery of the KINTO apps, participants from both sides booked a taxi home from the Stadio Olimpico using the KINTO Go app, finishing off their day of mobile sustainability and inclusivity.

“This entertaining challenge that KINTO has organised between AS Roma and Bologna FC 1909 – stated Mauro Caruccio, CEO and Chairman of KINTO Italia and CEO of Toyota Financial Services – shows how it is possible to travel, even on long and difficult journeys, using sustainable, simple, and inclusive means. These are the values that KINTO wishes to express, providing everyone access to a holistic offering of mobile solutions based on Toyota and Lexus electric vehicles and digital platforms, capable of meeting all an individual’s travel requirements”.



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