Saturday 12 February 2022 - h 18:13


Sporting Director Riccardo Bigon on the defeat to Lazio

“We were solid in the first half and didn’t let them have many chances. The penalty decision then changed the game. We created chances after the break but left ourselves open and Lazio were lethal on the counter. We’re not in good form at the moment. We’ve lost a bit of sharpness in our game but we have ways to be more compact and we’ll get straight back to work. The new signings? It is often the case that a young player comes in with less pressure and more hunger; Kasius was good today but it’s not the time to single out individuals. The team needs to be more compact and rediscover a bit of form. This is a good group and, this week, we have to work hard because we have some big games coming up.

We were great in the first half of the season and it looked like we would achieve a high finish; we want to get back to that form.

We also need to contextualise the month of January, in which everything happened. But we’re getting various players back to full fitness. Today’s game was difficult because Lazio are a strong side but without that penalty, it would have been a different story.”