Saturday 16 April 2022 - h 21:30


De Leo’s post-match thoughts

This is what Emilio De Leo had to say after this evening’s draw in Turin: “At a moment of very high adrenaline, after consulting the VAR monitor and sending Soumaoro off, I think the referee could have let Medel’s gesture slide. He certainly didn’t mean to offend him, and we were left with nine players on the pitch. Today, the group produced a really good performance, and it would have been fantastic to come away with three points. However, it remains a memorable day for us and hopefully for our fans too. Nevertheless, we are very disappointed; we wanted to give a nice present to the Coach, who has just complimented the team. He’s happy and proud of his lads. We’re working with a positive mindset and a sense of responsibility. Our values come to the fore at difficult times.”


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