Code of conduct for fans


BOLOGNA F.C. has drawn up and adopted a “CODE OF CONDUCT FOR SALE OF TICKETS TO ATTEND FOOTBALL MATCHES” (hereinafter referred to as “CODE OF CONDUCT”), addressed to all spectators who come to Bologna’s STADIO RENATO DALL’ARA and for all BOLOGNA F.C. supporters, who take part in any manifestation and/or event organized by the Club.

Notice is given to this “Code of Conduct” and to the “Stadium Regulations” using posters 1) in all authorised vendors (which can be consulted on the website; 2) posters with extracts inside the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara; 3) by publication on the website; 4) with activities promoted for this purpose by the SLO office of the club.



BOLOGNA F.C. aims to connect with supporters, who share and promote the values of sports, thus bringing the professional and economic capacity of sport in line with its ethical and social values.

The current “Code of Conduct” sets out the Club’s general expectations of its fans in the hope that they might become representatives of the Club’s values.

The Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is a public place, in which the Club organises matches, making access for all participants conditional upon their implicit acceptance of the provisions of the “Stadium Regulations” and those contained in this “Code of Conduct”, which are therefore to be considered binding with the purchase and/or use of the admission ticket.

The violation of even a single rule of conduct and more generally of the principles outlined in this “Code of Conduct” may represent a legitimate reason for the termination of the club-fan contractual relationship and, depending on the seriousness, just cause for a stadium ban for matches following the one, in which the violation occurred.

The same consequences are provided for in the case of violations of state regulations aimed at the protection and fair play of sports events (so-called Daspo).




  • For this “Code of Conduct” and the “Stadium Use Regulations” the following definitions apply:
  • The “Reserved Area” refers to the space between the pre-filter barriers and the turnstiles.
  • The “Maximum Security Area” refers to the [the portion of the stadium entirely enclosed by the Turnstiles.].
  • The “Club” refers to Bologna F.C. 1909 S.p.A, with headquarters in Bologna at Via Casteldebole 10 – 40132. Telephone: +39 0516111111
  • The “Ground” refers to the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara at Via Andrea Costa 174, 40134 Bologna, unless otherwise specified, at which the Event for which admission is authorised, following the purchase of the Ticket, is taking place, as well as all the relevant areas inside it, occupied or used by Bologna F. C. including the reserved area.
  • The “Security Delegate” refers to the person charged by the Club with ensuring that security is maintained and with directing Stewards.
  • The “Event” or “Match” or “Game” refers to the football match in Serie A, B, Lega Pro, TIM Cup and Coppa Italia Lega Pro, as well as for international competitions and friendlies, which take place at the Ground and are organised and managed by Bologna F.C.
  • The “Official Vendors” are all of the physical vendors and also the online channels indicated via the following link: it
  • The “Stadium Use Regulations” refer to the rules and regulations for entry to and stay at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara during sporting events held by Bologna FC and are consultable on the following page: it/en/tickets/
  • The “Code of Conduct” refers to the entire set of principles and rules, with which spectators and Bologna F.C. fans must comply.
  • The “Supporter Liason Officer (SLO)” refers to the person delegated by the Club to maintain relations with the fanbase, who is the point of contact with the Club and the supporters.
  • The “Ticket Holder” refers to the person in possession of a ticket granting them access to the Ground, both for single Matches or as part of a season ticket/Fidelity Card” for all or some Games.
  • The “Ticket” refers to the nominative ticket and/or season ticket sold by the relevant vendors and used for accessing the Ground for a single Event or Matches during an entire football season, as well as any other future ticket allowing participation in the Event.
  • The “Infraction” refers to a violation of a clause in the current “Code of Conduct”.
  • The “Sanction” refers to the punishment issued by the company that results in non-contracting for the future and/or in termination with all legal effects on the existing contract.


Art. 2


The “Code of Conduct” for Fans sets out the behaviour guidelines, the adherence to which is necessary to ensure the respect of the principles of honesty, loyalty and fairness in sporting competition, as well as to prevent the perpetration of offences, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 6 D. Lgs. 231/2001 and 7, paragraph 5, of the F.I.G.C. Statutes and the F.I.G.C. Circular of 08.05.2018, and by Art. 12 of the Code of Sports Justice


Art. 3


The Club is aware of the importance of football and its values – socialising, aggregation, respect for others, social integration, recognition of merits and accepting the value of the opponent – in building social relations and educating children, who learn sporting discipline.

The Club encourages its fans to engage in initiatives targeted at bringing lovers of the game, especially young people, closer to the sporting spectacle, to increase accessibility and enjoyment.

The Club is therefore committed to creating a constructive relationship with its supporters and to supporting – also through their suggestions – a loyal and responsible fanbase both during Matches and during further social activities organised to support the team.

The supporters, in compliance with the general principles highlighted above, pledge to support the team to maintain a fair, sporting, moderate and respectful attitude towards the opponent, renouncing any form of violence, including verbal abuse, and denigration towards third parties, as well as to respect the rules of civil and sporting behaviour concerning any event involving the Club.

Furthermore, supporters of the Club pledge to observe the currently-valid “Stadium Use Regulations”, as well as respect the stewards present in the stadium, as well as Club officials and players.

Supporters also commit to dialogue with the Club’s SLO (Supporter Liaison Officer), whose job it is to guarantee communication between the Club and the fans in order to improve relations between the two parties and to also allow fans to experience an unforgettable atmosphere.




The “Code of Conduct” applies to all We Are One fidelity card holders, who may also receive commercial and promotional content at a later date.

The “Code of Conduct” also applies to all fans who purchase a single ticket to a Match and/or receive a free ticket to watch a Game.

The behaviour of fans that do not comply with the rules outlined in the current “Code of Conduct” reflects poorly on and harms the reputation of the Club and, for that reason, may lead to restrictions on participation to one or more sporting events by the responsible person.


Art. 5


In case of behaviour of fans that is incorrect, not sporting, anti-social, offensive to opponents and/or that can be classed as a violation of the principles set out above (art. 2 and 3), and/or the “Stadium Use Regulations”, and/or breaches of the following offences (Annex 1), in that such conduct constitutes a violation of the contract entered into by the supporter with the club, the Club reserves the right to suspend approval by barring them from entering the Ground for a specified period of time, and/or to suspend any benefits accrued.


Art. 6


The rulings envisaged for cases of infringement of the regulations dictated herein are determined by the conduct assumed by the supporter in violation of the principles outlined above, to safeguard the values of loyalty and healthy competition proper to sport, as well as the image and prestige of the Club.

To this end, the Club will assess:

1) the nature, type, means, time, place and any other modality of the transgression;

2) the seriousness of the damage or danger of damage caused;

3) previous offences;

4) any remedial action taken by the offender after the fact.



The Club has identified a list – not exhaustive – of examples of behaviour that will result in a stadium ban (link to the Italian document).

In case of instances of behaviour not listed in the table but still in violation of the principles set out above and/or behaviour that harms the reputation of the Club, the Club reserves the right to issue a stadium ban to the transgressor.


Art. 7


The Club, in order to ascertain the misconduct and identify the perpetrator, reserves the right to avail itself, in compliance with the corresponding legal provisions, of any useful evidence that clearly, transparently and objectively represents the occurrence of the facts.

Suitable elements to safeguard the above principles could be:

  • CCTV cameras at the Ground;
  • testimony from the stewards on duty, the members of the SLO office and the Security Delegate and/or his deputy, who must draw up an event report; le informative della POLIZIA GIUDIZIARIA\ DIGOS;
  • images disseminated by means of social networks, where it is possible to ascertain the identity of the person deemed responsible for the conduct relevant to this ‘Code of Conduct’;
  • all open sources, in case of publicly established facts.


Art. 8



Ejection of the supporter from the Ground is a power available to the steward, the Security Delegate and/or his deputy and the members of the SLO office;


In cases of minor and excusable offences, the supporter shall receive a written warning; the third written warning in the same sporting season shall result in a one-match stadium ban.


If the suspension does not come to an end in the current season, the remainder will be applied to the following season even in matches of sports competitions other than the national football league, European competitions and national cups;


The suspension shall apply to all matches played in the period of 1 or 3 calendar years in all competitions in which the club will participate. The duration of the suspension will be calculated from the first day of the enforceability of the sanction;


Revocation is a solution available to the Club even in the event that the supporter is bound by an impeding measure issued by the judicial and/or administrative authorities. The sanction will last as long as the administrative and/or judicial measure is suspended. The injunction issued by the judicial and/or administrative authorities will have as further consequences the loss of any benefits accrued with the “We Are One Card” fidelity card programme. Revocation is always modifiable in case the conditions that justified its application are no longer valid or have changed.

Art. 9


 The sanctions will be imposed by the Club in a board meeting (with the necessary presence of the SLO and the Security Officer) and signed by the Managing Director within 30 (thirty) days from the knowledge of the fact and/or from the identification of the perpetrator and communicated in writing to the offender by registered mail with return receipt to the address provided at the time of registration and issue of the admission ticket and/or at the time of identification and/or by e-mail if the supporter has provided one.

When imposing the sanction, it shall be the duty of the Club to indicate the possibility of review or appeal and to indicate the manner and timing thereof.

Notices of imposition of sanctions shall contain, under penalty of inadmissibility, a clear and precise statement of the fact and a summary indication of the means of proof;

Sanctions shall take effect from the first Event following notification to the person concerned.

The sanctioned user will not be entitled to a refund of the price of the admission ticket and will lose any commercial benefits linked to the “We Are One Card ” project.

The application of the aforementioned prohibitions is irrespective of any criminal/civil proceedings, insofar as the conduct at issue affects different interests.

The application of injunctions shall in any case be without prejudice to the right of the Sports Club to take legal action against the transgressor.

It will be possible to issue injunctions against minors, provided they are at least 14 years old.


Art. 10


 The offender, within 7 (seven) days from the notification of the decision, may make a request to view the documents and receive a copy at their own expense. The request for access may be sent by registered mail with a return receipt to the Club’s registered office (Via Casteldebole 10 – 40132 Bologna) or to the following certified e-mail address






In the event of the imposition of the sanctions WRITTEN WARNING and/or 3/6 GAME STADIUM BAN, the offender may ask the Supervisory Body of Bologna F.C. for a review.

The review must be submitted within 15 days of receipt of the notification of the sanction by registered mail with return receipt to Bologna F.C. 1909 SpA – Via Casteldebole n.10 – 40132 Bologna and/or by certified electronic mail to

In the request for review, the supporter shall illustrate the reasons supporting his alleged lack of involvement in the charge and point out any errors of assessment on the part of the Club.

They may ask to be heard regarding the contested facts.

The Supervisory Board shall take a final decision, based on the elements at its disposal, as to whether to confirm, amend or revoke the measure applied, in each case informing the person concerned.

The decision on the matter by the Supervisory Board shall be made within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of the request for review and shall be final.

The offender shall have the right to be assisted by a person he trusts. In the event of a personal hearing of the person concerned, minutes will be drawn up in summary form.

The review procedure suspends the effects of the sanction imposed.


Against the further prohibitions of 1/3 YEAR STADIUM BAN – REVOCATION, the offender, in addition to being able to carry out the REVISION procedure, as indicated above, may within 30 days of the unsatisfactory decision of the Supervisory Body appeal the decision before the National Association of Security Delegates (A.N.DE.S.), with registered offices in Bomporto (Modena), Piazza Matteotti 25.

The appeal must be lodged by registered letter with a return receipt to be sent to the A.N.DE.S. headquarters or to the PEC of the association itself – – within 30 (thirty) days from the notification of the Club’s decision.

A.N.DE.S.’s decision shall be made within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of the appeal and shall be irrevocable.

The Club reserves the right to participate in the appeal phase through its delegate, also by submitting rebuttal briefs.

An appeal submitted to ANDES does not suspend the effects of the imposition of the sanction.

The rules on abstention and objection laid down in the Code of Civil Procedure apply to the entire procedure.


Bologna F.C. reserves the right to amend this “Code of Conduct” with immediate effect, also for those who have already purchased admission tickets, as a consequence of legislative and/or administrative and/or Public Security measures in general (for example, the Determinations issued by the National Observatory on Sporting Events).

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