Saturday 18 February 2023 - h 18:20


Sampdoria vs Bologna: Orsolini’s thoughts post-match

This is what Riccardo Orsolini said to Dazn’s microphones: “It was an absurd match in some ways: in two minutes, we found ourselves with the possibility of going down 2-1 from 1-0 up because of two penalties which I think were doubtful, but I do not dispute the refereeing decisions. We could have handled the start of the second half better with a lead that we had managed to defend, we made it difficult for ourselves, but sweating out the victory is also the beauty of Bologna. After he parried the penalty I said to Lukasz “you got us the win!” and I was right. I, too, contributed with a goal but he saved the game. I’m happy because we deserved it and for the fans who are always with us: they were in full voice today. At the moment we are seventh, but we have to think game by game, making calculations is counterproductive, we know our value and I’m sure that with time we will be able to take some great satisfaction”.


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