Saturday 18 February 2023 - h 18:12


Sampdoria vs Bologna: Motta’s post-match comments

Thiago Motta commented on their third away win in a row: “It’s great to see my lads celebrating with the away fans, there’s a great feeling on our part with the people of Bologna. Let’s enjoy this important and difficult win together with our fans, we deserve it all and from Monday we think about Inter. We play every match to win, we know who we are and where we want to go, we have the same goal and we give everything we can. I would like to emphasise that even those who came on in the middle of the game gave a lot and immediately got into their roles. A special mention for the captain, he is a very intelligent guy, he understands the game well, he knows how to manage matches, I am happy for his goal and for all the work he is doing”.


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