Tuesday 27 October 2020 - h 18:32


Restyling Stadio Dall’Ara: an update

Led by Mayor Virginio Merola, the City Council of Bologna has declared that the proposal for the redevelopment and modernisation of the Stadio Dall’Ara, one which was presented by Bologna F.C. SpA alongside the company Bologna Stadio SpA, is in the public interest.

“Especially in the times we’re currently experiencing, it seems impossible to think about the future given how occupied we are with the pandemic. I’m therefore delighted that the resolution has been approved because it marks a step towards the redevelopment of another strategic part of our city,” said Virginio Merola. “The project will bring benefits to the whole of Bologna, helping to bring investment and jobs to the city and thus contributing to its development. Thanks to its healthy budget despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the Council will be a partner for this vital undertaking.”

“We’re happy that the Mayor and Council have official set the process of the redevelopment of the Dall’Ara Stadium in motion,” said Bologna Fc 1909 CEO Claudio Fenucci. “At such a difficult time both socially and economically, it’s an important step when it comes to revitalising the area. Providing the city of Bologna with a state-of-the-art facility is a valuable strategic undertaking for the development of both our Club and the entire community.”

As seen in the initial proposal, this project, with an economic plan valued at €100 million, will see the ground leased to Bologna F.C. for 40 years and will receive an investment of €40 million from the local government. The total capacity of the stadium will stand at 30,325. The stands will be totally covered and closer to the field of play while maintaining and highlighting the historic-monumental features, such as the brick arches on the outside of the structure, which were built for the 1990 World Cup. New work and car-parking spaces will be opened around the stadium. The project will see the stadium live and breathe throughout the week, not only on matchday, and will be a place dedicated to the city with a museum, a bar, catering and commercial activities, spaces for sports and cultural events for the community, with particular reference to the space around the Torre di Maratona. The resolution mentions the commitment of the proposing Club to set up a shared path to maintain the sports activities that enrich the local area, starting with those that are already present in the stadium. Safe access to the swimming pools will be guaranteed. The restructuring work is expected to last about two years from the end of the authorisation procedure.

From the Preliminary Services Conference some useful indications emerged for the elaboration of the final project, with particular reference to the issues of intermodal accessibility and parking.

The complete restructuring of the Dall’Ara will thus grant the city a modern stadium, which is completely new from a structural, technological and services standpoint. At the same time, the stadium will maintain its monumental value and go beyond the world of sport, providing the community with cultural and leisure opportunities.