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President Saputo recognised with Confcommercio Ascom Award

An acknowledgement, a token of affection and esteem, is what the plaque presented by Confcommercio Ascom Bologna and the RossoBlu Merchants Association represented to President Joey Saputo, who is giving all Bolognese, and beyond, hope and the dream of qualifying for Europe. Saputo was also given a football jersey from the RossoBlu Merchants Association with his name and the number 1.

«We are racing towards a goal, the qualification for Europe, which has been missing from our beloved Bologna for decades,” commented Enrico Postacchini, President of Confcommercio Ascom Bologna. “Our city deserves all the visibility and promotion it is receiving thanks to the commitment, projects, resources, and vision that economic and entrepreneurial enterprises, such as those of President Saputo, have invested in over the years. The attractiveness of Bologna, in terms of tourist influx and hospitality, is increasingly vibrant and significant. Cultural and social initiatives, as well as interventions to enhance the territory, drive us to passionately support our city, just as we do with our beloved team».

«It is an honour for me to receive this recognition from Confcommercio Ascom Bologna and the RossoBlu Merchants Association,” declared Joey Saputo. “Since I arrived in Bologna, I have worked with my colleagues to strengthen the bond, which I consider fundamental, between Bologna Football Club and the territory it represents. I have always believed that a football team should not only be a sports organisation but also a formidable vehicle for spreading values and supporting the entrepreneurial forces of the city. The Ascom initiative, Vetrine Rossoblù goes exactly in this direction. Seeing so many shopkeepers and business owners decorate their premises in RossoBlu was a great emotion for me. Ten years ago, when I arrived in Bologna, I said that I wanted to make this club to be respected in its relationships with other clubs and on the field as a team. The difficult part, I know, comes now, maintaining certain levels. But all my investments serve to grow the club, out of the love I have for this team and because I would like to see Bologna great again, as it was once».

Saputo also receives a strong endorsement from the Rossoblù fans: «Saputo has further revitalised the existing bond between Bologna and the city,” continues Valentino Di Pisa, president of the RossoBlu Merchants Association. «As entrepreneurs and merchants, we have always supported Bologna, and we are grateful to the club for bringing us the dream of qualifying for Europe».

The support for Bologna in its journey towards Europe is confirmed by the tremendous and enthusiastic participation in the initiative “Fino alla Fine Forza Bologna – Vetrine Rosso Blu”, promoted by Confcommercio Ascom Bologna and all its partners, which is decorating the shop windows in red and blue.

«Since we launched this initiative, many entrepreneurs and merchants have decorated their shop windows with the colours of Bologna. It’s a gesture of gratitude to Joey Saputo and all the executives, coach Motta, and all the players», explained Giancarlo Tonelli, General Director of Confcommercio Ascom Bologna. «Certainly, we’re aware that reaching Europe would be extremely important for our business and that hotels, restaurants, bars, and clothing stores can benefit from this visibility. It’s a unique opportunity to be capitalised on in the best possible way».

The plaque presented today to Joey Saputo is dedicated to his commitment to enhancing our territory and reads: “To Joey Saputo who, with vision and entrepreneurial spirit, has invested in the development of our territory, promoting the name of Bologna in the world”. «To all the partners – Il Resto del Carlino, Emil Banca, Bologna Welcome, Bologna Airport, Bologna Fiere, Centergross, and èTV Rete 7, who made the success of the initiative ‘Fino alla Fine Forza Bologna – Vetrine Rosso Blu’ possible, our heartfelt thanks », concluded Giancarlo Tonelli.

(Comunicato Confcommercio Ascom Bologna)

Photo, from left to right: Giancarlo Tonelli, Joey Saputo, Enrico Postacchini e Valentino Di Pisa.



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