Sunday 17 October 2021 - h 17:53


Mihajlovic’s thoughts on a disappointing draw

“I’ll try to remain calm even though I find it difficult. We didn’t draw due to a refereeing decision but due to the fact that we didn’t kill off the game at 1-0, with a raft of chances not converted. Then, I look at the individual moments in the game; why, after a perfectly valid sending off, does the referee try to compensate for that for the rest of the game? Becao backs into Skorupski, who can’t get up and make the catch; why did nobody intervene in that? It’s a clear obstruction three metres from the goal. Then tomorrow, we’ll find out that the referee and VAR have been suspended for a few matches, but that’s how it went. We continue to drop points like this – as it was against Genoa. However, with 23 shots in total, we should have killed off the game and taken all three points; it was absurd that we drew today.”


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