Sunday 24 September 2023 - h 20:38


Lorenzo De Silvestri spoke after #BFCNapoli

Lorenzo De Silvestri spoke to DAZN after the match:

“We take home a good point against the Italian champions. We are an evolving squad with many new players who arrived at the end of the window, there’s a lot of quality, there’s a good work ethic and we also have room to improve. I came on only a few minutes into the match, I wasn’t quite warmed up, but I always train to play, I bring experience, passion, and focus. I took a hit to the ankle in the first half but kept playing. In the break, I put some ice on it, grit my teeth and kept going with the adrenaline from the game. Here in Bologna, I found a second youth, I am in sync with this city and I am happy to be here and do my job”.


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