Friday 03 May 2024 - h 23:49


Calafiori’s post-match comments

Riccardo Calafiori commented after the game: “A very difficult game away from home. I thought that Torino would have given in in the second half but they were at it until the end, we want to win but we go back to Bologna with an important point. We keep thinking of each game at a time, this mentality has been our strength over the season. This week we have said that we are certainly in Europe but we want to keep dreaming. The Champions League wasn’t a goal at the start of the season but we are doing our all to get there and make history at the Club. Now, there are two games against big opponents, Napoli and Juventus, but our campaign has shown us that big games can end well. Internationals? It is an aim but now I am focused on the end of the season”.


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