Wednesday 25 May 2022 - h 12:42


Eleven international Rossoblù call-ups

With the domestic league season now finished, 11 Rossoblù have been called up to represent their respective national sides. Here are the details:

  • Emanuel VIGNATO, an internship programme with Italy at Coverciano until 26/5;
  • Gary MEDEL, South Korea v Chile friendly in Seoul on 6/6 and Japan v Chile in Osaka on 10/6;
  • Lukasz SKORUPSKI, Nations League Poland v Wales in Wroclaw on 1/6, Belgium v Poland in Brussels on 8/6, The Netherlands v Poland in Rotterdam on 11/6 and Poland v Belgium in Varsavia on 14/6;
  • Mattias SVANBERG, Nations League Slovenia v Sweden in Ljubljana on 2/6, Sweden v Norway in Stockholm on 5/6, Sweden v Serbia in Stockholm on 9/6 and Norway v Sweden in Oslo on 12/6;
  • Nicolas DOMINGUEZ, Uefa-Conmebol final Italy v Argentina in London on 1/6;
  • Marko ARNAUTOVIC, Nations League Croatia v Austria in Osijek on 3/6, Austria v Denmark in Vienna on 6/6, Austria v France in Vienna on 10/6 and Denmark v Austria in Copenhagen on 13/6;
  • Aaron HICKEY, World Cup qualifiers Scotland v Ukraine in Glasgow on 1/6, Nations League Scotland v Armenia in Glasgow on 8/6, Republic of Ireland v Scotland in Dublin on 11/6 and Armenia v Scotland in Yerevan on 14/6;
  • Musa BARROW, AFCON qualifiers Gambia v South Sudan in Dakar on 4/6 and Congo v Gambia in Brazzaville on 8/6;
  • Michel AEBISCHER, Nations League Czech Republic v Switzerland in Praga on 2/6, Portugal v Switzerland in Lisbon on 5/6, Switzerland v Spain in Geneva on 9/6 and Switzerland v Portugal in Geneva on 12/6;
  • Arthur THEATE, Nations League Belgium v The Netherlands in Brussels on 3/6, Belgium v Poland in Brussels on 8/6, Wales v Belgium in Cardiff on 11/6 and Poland v Belgium in Warsaw on 14/6;
  • Denso KASIUS, U21 European qualification Moldova v The Netherlands in Kishinev on 3/6, The Netherlands v Gibraltar in Almere on 7/6, Wales v The Netherlands in Llanelli on 11/6.


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