Wednesday 05 January 2022 - h 21:49


Official Statement

Bologna Fc 1909 can confirm that, following a number of positive COVID-19 tests in the squad, the Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale di Bologna has ordered the following:

“7-10 days of isolation for the athletes who tested positive in recent days and in any case until they are symptom-free, with proof of a negative test, as required by law. In addition, regarding the rest of the squad, there will be strict health surveillance and the obligation to wear a mask FFP2 for 5 days for all fully vaccinated individuals in the last 120 days, those who have recovered within the last 120 days or those who have received the booster dose. There will be an order for home quarantine for 5 days, until 09/01/2022, plus a test for all squad members with a vaccination cycle completed more than 120 days ago; home quarantine for 10 days, until 13/01/2022, plus a test for all those who are not fully vaccinated. For all the above it follows that all members of the team will not be able to participate in official sporting events for at least 5 days until 09/01/2022 and in any case, each of the component orders above must be observed until the complete resolution of the related measures”.

In light of these measures, Bologna Fc 1909 has asked the Lega Serie A to delay both Bologna vs. Inter, set to take place tomorrow, as well as Cagliari vs. Bologna, scheduled for Sunday.


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