Sunday 11 September 2022 - h 18:43


Luca Vigiani’s comments at the end of the game

Luca Vigiani’s comments after the win: “This success has a sweet taste, like all victories. Over the past week, my staff and I have found great willingness from everyone, and it was great to bring it to life with the three points. The whole environment compacted and the values of the team came out, both technical and human of the guys who wanted to change the trend. Fiorentina made us struggle with their great dribbling and quality, so we needed an important game and the team’s heart. From tonight I go back to work with my boys, tomorrow we will be in Frosinone with the Primavera team: I leave them to he who will arrive from tomorrow a team with certainties, born and raised by Mihajlovic, who taught us all that difficulties must be faced, and this example we have always brought back in the youth sector and in these days also with the first team”.


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