Wednesday 19 July 2023 - h 19:54


Fenucci: “A stadium to keep Bologna in the city”

Bologna has presented its project for the temporary stadium to the Mayor. Here is what CEO Claudio Fenucci had to say: “The construction operation of the temporary stadium is linked to the need to find an adequate structure in which the team can play league matches whilst the work is taking place at Dall’Ara since the planners ruled out the possibility of playing at the stadium whilst the work is carried out. The identification of a city area for the temporary stadium stems from the club’s strong desire, supported by the Municipal Administration, to not move the team to another city, despite the opportunities presented to us. It is a further significant but necessary investment to maintain the strong links between the Club, the fans and the area. Moreover, the location near Fico will allow, in addition to ample parking, the ability to organise a series of initiatives dedicated to our fans before and after games to improve the matchday experience.”


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