Friday 25 November 2022 - h 13:35


Bologna and Pelliconi join forces to fight violence against women

To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Bologna and Pelliconi, a Top Partner of the Rossoblù, have installed two red benches, a symbol of the awareness-raising campaign against violence and gender-based discrimination.

One red bench was erected at the entrance to the Niccolò Galli Training Centre in Casteldebole, Bologna’s home, while the other can now be found at the Ozzano dell’Emilia train station, in the commune where Pelliconi, a leading manufacturer of caps and closures for food and beverages, has its headquarters. Representing all women, Bologna Women were in attendance as the latter bench was officially unveiled.

“We, the municipal administration, immediately supported the project of painting a bench on platform 2 of the commune’s train station red, something which was proposed to us by Pelliconi and Bologna. It’s a symbol against violence against women, and it includes a large hotline number that women victims of violence can turn to in order to seek help and support,” said Luca Lelli, the Mayor of Ozzano dell’Emilia. “Our administration has always been attentive to such issues; two years ago, on the pedestrian path next to Via Emilia in the centre of the commune, we painted a bench in red and another in rainbow colours as a show of support for LGBTQ rights. Our society can only be called “civilised” when we no longer need to paint benches or other objects symbolising violence and intolerance. Until we reach that point, we need to continue to focus on these issues, and we welcome the fact that there is now this red bench in a place where plenty of people will see it. We’d like to thank Pelliconi for involving us in this project, and we’d also like to thank Bologna Women for being by our side as the bench was unveiled.”

Marco Checchi, the CEO of Pelliconi SPA, had the following to say: “We won’t remain neutral and we won’t remain silent. We will not turn away. We’ll fight violence against women in all its forms, starting with discrimination in the working world.”

“Bologna attaches great importance to raising awareness on the issue of violence in all its forms,” said Christoph Winterling, Bologna’s Marketing and Commercial Director. “The installation of these two red benches isn’t just a symbolic gesture but represents a commitment that involves everyone and aims to raise awareness of gender-based violence, which, unfortunately, has become more frequent in the past few years.”