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APA – Format and Style Rules

Welcome to APA style formatting. The format that is loathed by pretty much everyone but me.

Now, why don’t I loath APA? It’s simple. I have learned the rules of APA format and now it does not bother me at all. Yes, it truly is as simple as that.

When you know what you have to do, you get it done pretty quickly.

This is exactly why I am ready to tell you all about APA style rules. So, that essay writer won’t have to stumble around making mistakes like I used to.

So, here are your rules.

Rule #1: Running Header

In APA, we do have a header at the top of the page which you can insert by going in the “Insert” Tab.

This header includes a shortened title of your paper, your last name, and the page number.

The shortened title will be on the left side while the last name and page number will be on the right side in the same order.

Rule #2: The Cover Page

APA also includes a basic cover page. On this page, you put your name and details about your institution.

You can also mention details of your course and the instructor’s name. Things like that. Last comes the date.

All of this info goes in the middle of the cover page. You will need to center-align your margin and add a few spaces to get the cursor in the middle.

Rule #3: Abstract

One unique thing in APA is the abstract which is like a summary of the essay that you will write. I don’t usually include an abstract when I write my essay in APA. Frankly, the abstract is for research papers and the like.

But you need to confirm the abstract part from your professor.

Just in case you need it.

Rule #4: Table of Contents

You probably won’t need this for an essay but you should have a look at it nevertheless.

There is no specific guide to make a table of content in APA style so you can just look at any general table.

But of course, this will be needed when you write an extensive research paper or a thesis.

Rule #5: References

You will place your references page after the essay.

As soon as you are done with the essay, move your cursor to a separate page and enter all the references cited in the essay above.

Make sure that they are in order and that no information is missing.

You can use an online citation generator if you are having trouble.

Rule #6: General Formatting

This includes the way your will format your text.

Its basic info like the font should be 12 and you should use Times New Roman.

Your paragraphs should be double-spaced while each paragraph should be indented half an inch.

Sections should be labeled properly and the headings should be used only when the paper gets too lengthy.

Rule #7: Tables/Figures

After you are done with the references page, you can add any tables and figures that you want to add.

You will label these figures properly and refer to them in the text as Figure 1, Figure 2, etc. These figures must not be added with the text unless your professor says so.

You will also give a short explanation of any table or figure that you add.

Happy now?

Because now you know how to write in APA style. If not then find the cheapest essay writing service that you can find and ask for a reference page in APA. Some companies offer it for free while others charge a small fee.

In any case, it is worth it. Totally.

You can also order an essay to see how the formatting and structuring work.

Your choice!

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