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How to enable Olympic mode in a dinosaur game in Google Chrome

There is a hidden retro style dinosaur game in google chrome browser. The game is pretty simple, but it does a great job of killing a couple of free minutes. In addition, it even works offline (more info see

Olympic Mode is now available to play and runs in a browser across all platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chromebooks.

Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac should have the latest available version of the Chrome browser. Chrome can be downloaded from the App Store or Google.

How to Enable Dinosaur Olympics in Google Chrome

Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer or mobile device.

  1. Open a new browser tab.
  2. Enter “chrome: // dino” into the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Tap the screen to start the game (mobile device) or press the Spacebar (computer).
  4. When you see the blue Olympic torch, run into it.
  5. This will activate the Olympic mode in the game. If that doesn’t work, try running into a cactus.

In Olympic mode, you don’t need to jump over cacti, but over sports obstacles. Each game will have different obstacles. The design of different levels will also differ.

Playing the Google Chrome dinosaur jumping and crouching in real life is possible thanks to Arduino

It is possible that you have come across Steve, the jumping dinosaur that appears in Google Chrome when we have no connection. It is a minigame that has been in the Google browser for a long time and consists of jumping or crouching to avoid obstacles and get the highest score. For this, obviously, a keyboard is needed, but it is also possible to play using our body. All you need is an Arduino platform and some skill.

Ryan Chan, an Arduino user, has posted the instructions, parts, and code necessary for anyone to assemble this system at home on Hackster. Its operation is extremely simple: if you jump, the dinosaur jumps; If you crouch, the dinosaur crouches.

Chan has created this system using an Arduino MKR Zero board (15.68 euros), although any board that can be used as a keyboard can be used, see the Leonardo, Esplora, Zero, Duo and MKR families. This is connected to a force sensor that detects jumping (placed on a sandal) and another stretch sensor that detects movement when bending over (placed on the back of the shirt). All the necessary parts are in this link.

The instructions are simple if we have some experience with Arduino and some skill. In a nutshell, you have to build the circuit following the user-posted schematic, upload the code (also available from Hackster), make a few simple adjustments to the sensors, and optionally 3D print sensor hooks.

Finally, you simply have to connect the device that we will have mounted to the computer, deactivate the Internet connection and open Chrome. The computer should detect the board as a keyboard and our movement as the equivalent of pressing the keys that, in another context, we would use to control the dinosaur.

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