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What is the Best Cal King Platform Bed with Storage


California king platform beds generally measure 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. The bed occupies a large space; therefore, it is recommended that you get a large room for it. Most people who love the California King beds are usually taller as they cannot comfortably fit in a King-size bed.

There are many varieties of California king platform beds with storage, making it hard to pick a specific one. In this article, we will talk through various styles of platform beds with storage in California King-size.


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Pierce Espresso California King Platform Bed


Incorporate bold minimalism and top-notch function to your bedroom using the pierce espresso California king platform bed. From the fine, robust lines to the rich modern finish, this design is sure to bring an unbelievable difference to your room. The platform bed measures 72 inches by 84 inches, like a typical California king platform bed.

The platform bed features a high-profile headboard that boasts its fine lines and has no legs. Due to the absence of legs, this California king platform bed is regarded as a low-profile bed frame. The platform bed’s design will leave you in awe at its elegance.

On every side of the bed, there are three drawers and six in total. You can use the drawers to store your extra bedding, pillows, or other items to make the bedroom neater and cleaner. Thanks to its platform design, you will not need to purchase a box spring as the bed has a slat system supporting your weight and the mattress’.


Boswell California King Upholstered Bed


Boswell California king bed has a grid-style headboard that is sure to attract anyone’s attention as it is high. It has an upholstered grid style and inside the fabric is foam for maximum comfort when leaning on the headboard. Those who love to read or watch television while in bed find it quite convenient due to the cozy headboard.

The material used for upholstery is pure polyester, a very soft and durable fabric. Its bed frame is constructed using manufactured wood, assuring you of stability, strength, and durability. There is no need for a box spring as the bed comes with slats that support your weight and the mattress’s weight accordingly. Research has shown that mattresses supported by slats last longer than those placed on a box spring because they are well-aerated.

To add to the amazing features of the Boswell California king platform panel bed, the manufacturers added a drawer on the footboard to offer storage space. The drawer runs deep into the bed and is deep enough to store extra bedding, pillows, and other accessories.


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Jainie Twin Platform Bed With Storage


Crafted from quality natural pine wood, the Jainie California king platform bed is one of the few beds in the market that combines style, comfort, and affordability in one package. These three elements are crucial when purchasing a new bed and if you get all three at once, count yourself lucky.

The platform bed is made using a solid material; thus, you are assured of getting a sturdy bed, which means no squeaking sounds whenever you move in the bed. The material is also durable; hence will last you a long time. Being a platform bed, the Jainie California king platform bed comes with added advantages. You will use less cash with this bed as it requires no box spring. It also means that you can use the bed with any mattress type as long as it is a twin-size mattress.

There is no headboard or footboard on this platform bed, but that should not be a cause of worry for you. The beauty brought about by the Jainie twin platform bed is extraordinary. Moreover, the bed is a solid structure with plywood strips and railings, front panel, side of PB drawer, bottom of MDF drawer, and end panel of bed. You can access the two drawers built-in the bed from any side.


Olney California King Storage Platform Bed


The Olney California King storage platform bed is not an ordinary bed that is easy to come by. For starters, it is crafted using manufactured wood and given a matte white finish. These two features make the bed sophisticated and appealing; this will change the look in your child’s bedroom.

It is always advised to train yourself to be organized from an early age, so when you grow up, you become responsible. Getting this bed for yourself will help you manage the bedroom better as you will keep items like extra bedding, throw pillows, and accessories in the side drawers. This bed entails two side drawers that you can access from either side of the bed. It uses the best technique of using the space under your bed and, at the same time, keep the house organized. The platform bed occupies a large space hence requires a large room to fit accordingly.

You do not need to purchase a box spring with this bed as the platform bed has a slat system that works as well as a box spring. To assemble the bed, you require two adults, and if you follow the instructions in the manual, you will be done in less than an hour. Olney California King storage platform bed has no headboard nor footboard but still manages to be a center of attraction in the bedroom due to the professionalism it depicts.

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Many people love California king platform beds with storage platform beds because of their unique elegance. Getting the size for your bedroom would be a good idea, especially if you are very tall. Due to its dimensions, you need a large room as it occupies a large space. There are many varieties of California King platform bed out there, and it is up to you to make the most favorable decision when selecting.

The ones mentioned here are a few of them that can help you with the decision-making process. Whatever decision you make, ensure the bed chosen is made of high-quality material for durability and strength. These factors should never miss in any platform bed as they are crucial.

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