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How to Craft an Expository Short Story?


Have you heard about crafting an expository short story?


You must have heard about the short story but crafting an expository essay may be a new idea for you. Everyone knows about the main elements of the short story because as a student, we are often instructed to read the story or write a new one. We have a lot of exercises like this in high school and college which sometimes trigger our creativity and different ideas come to our minds.


But mostly, we do not have any idea about the expository short story and we mistakenly consider it similar to a normal story which is a big mistake for students. Expository writing is totally different from creative writing and you can structure this story like a normal one.


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So, first, we need to know what expository writing is and then we will move toward the expository story.


What is Expository Writing?


Expository writing is based on facts and objective views as it explains the idea or the concept through analysis and scholarly evidence. It instructs people about the topic and concept through proper research and with the support of countless evidence and this writing type is very direct in terms of information and facts.


If we talk about the two main concepts in expository writing then they are: 

  1.       Information
  2.       Explanation

And if you talk about the important characteristics, then they are:

  1.       Explanatory
  2.       Illustrative
  3.       Analytical
  4.       Clarity
  5.       Unbiased
  6.       Impersonal
  7.       Descriptive


How to write an Expository Story? 


Now, you must be wondering if expository writing is factual and direct then, how can you write an expository story?


Even though this writing is very direct, you still add the creative element to this form of writing. For example, autobiographies and narrative essays are very factual and direct but with creative elements, twists in the plot, and sensory details, you can make a story put on real-life experiences. I have utilized the same strategy to write my essay and write a short story based on the character from the historical event. It turned out so good.


So, are you guys ready to know how you can craft a good expository story?


If yes then let’s go and know some crafting techniques for this type of writing.


Choose Topic Carefully


 You need to be very selective in terms of choosing your topic. Now how does a topic make any difference?


As you know, this is direct and factual writing but you also need to be creative so, it’s better if you go for the topic which has some factual relevance but you can create a story of it. Like, you can choose some character from some war and explain the story from his point of view. Or you can explain a contemporary event from your own perspective as a protagonist.


It’s up to you how you want to take it but, you have to consider all points.


Do not miss out on Factual Information


No matter, whether you are writing a story but you can not miss out on facts.


The basic idea of writing is that you have to take the creative and factual information side by side and it would be wrong if you miss out on even one factor. As a good essay writer, you need to consider every point that makes your story stand out. So, before writing the story, gather all the facts about the topic you are writing out and plan how you can use them in the writing.


Add Descriptive Elements


The main goal of adding the descriptive element is to create vivid imagery and allow readers to imagine the happenings of the story.


It is the creative technique that is used by many writers in their fiction works and novels but in the expository story, you can use descriptive language with all sensory elements.


Now you can ask why sensory elements are important in descriptive language?


Your main purpose of story writing is to allow readers to imagine your idea and it arouses an emotive response in them. Plus, you have to consider which aspect of the idea has more emotive potential, and then you can use the target aspect with descriptive elements of language. 


Incorporate the Narrative Elements


You can always have the option to take a shift and use a short narrative to explain the personal effects of the event.


Your story is always better when you will use the first-person narrative in story and you will add your personal experience too. Remember, you can not strictly adhere to the factual information or the creative element in the story because, in the expository story, you have to create a balance.  If you do not understand how to do it, then you can take help from your friend or online essay writing service websites. They can assist you in a possible way by providing you with samples and writing guidelines.


So, you do not need to stress yourself out about it.


Pre-Write or make an Outline


Once you are done with the elements of the expository story, now it’s a turn to finally make a plan for the outline.


You have a chance here to make a proper outline of what you want to do in a story and how you want to take it. Once your outline is done, you can move toward the final draft and start working on the story.


The expository story can be written in a good form if you know how you want to take it and what elements need to be there. But, always remember, this writing can be difficult but it is not impossible to do. Just stick to the tips, utilize them and your story is all set up. Best of luck folks.


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