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Annotating sources and readings quickly: 3 best strategies
Have you ever wondered how student life would be if you have a ghostwriter who can maintain a follow-up to all the course writings and help you with everything that you have written? Yes, this dream of many students can come true only with a little effort. All that you need to do is to have an essay writer hired who can help you with developing the understanding of the content, the essay writer will ensure that your work is up to the mark and is submitted within the deadline.


I am so sure of the effectiveness of using such services because I have tried them. There were many instances when I had to consult essay writing services and ask them to write my paper for me and it always turned out to be best. I was able to score comparatively good grades. So, consulting essay writing services is one of the options that a student can use,

Well, apart from the suggestions if you are looking for a  simple answer to the question How To Write An Autobiography, I can help you with three simple techniques, and these strategies will be one of the best fit to save time and have your task done with perfection.

1-      Incorporate reading skills

When I write my essay, the simplest and central strategy I use is to incorporate some reading skills. These skills can be in the form of reviewing, highlighting, or scanning. In simple words, you are expected to highlight what is important. Take a pen in your hand and give the article or the content a bird’s eye view that can help you catch all the important things i.e. pictures, facts, and dates or numbers. It will help you understand the basic ideas or important information. It will be better if you will write the highlighted information in the form of bullet points, it will be easy to quiet and write when required. You should give rime focus on the appealing or important information that can help to develop the body of knowledge or attract the readers.

2-      Skim the content

The next strategy is to skim the content. All you need to do is to summarize whatever content you have read or to summarize the central ideas. You can also hire an essay writing service in this regard. It is one of the most common practices is encouraged to write an annotated bibliography. It will help you have the source summarized in a few lines and it is one of the simplest ways. You can also skim the content by reading the first three lines and the last three lines in one paragraph. It will help you know and understand the main idea or the central theme of the article.

3-      Develop your point of view

While writing an annotated bibliography, it is highly recommended to develop a point of view. It means that you should be able to have a point of view regarding what you have read. It will not only help you with the development of content but it will add to your personal knowledge of evaluating the source. You might be thinking about the type of point of view or what it actually includes right? Well, while generalizing the point of view, you should explain if the resource is credible or not? If the writer is able to achieve his goal of writing or not? What are the strengths and limitations of the work and how do you think it is either the best fit or it is not effective or suitable for the task that you want to complete?

But still, if you think writing is not your piece of cake then you can hire a paper writing service.


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