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Things‌ ‌to‌ ‌Consider‌ ‌Before‌ ‌Renting‌ ‌a‌ ‌House‌ ‌in‌ ‌DHA‌ ‌Islamabad‌ 


If you have decided to move to  Flat for rent in Islamabad  then you are definitely making a wise decision. DHA Islamabad is one of the biggest housing societies in Twin Cities that provides a lavish housing style to its residents. If you want to rent a house in DHA Islamabad, here are some tips for you that will help you to make a good deal with your landlord. It will also help you to make the optimal choices.


The first floor of the prime arcade has a wonderful and conducive business environment that would be best suitable for your work activities. Ideally located in the heart of Islamabad, these office spaces will chiefly assist you in furthering your business activities. These offices also have all the necessary on-site facilities including express elevators, raised flooring, 24/7 security surveillance, and spacious parking facilities for the professionals and their visitors. This gives a chance for the potential esteemed residents of the second and third floors to keep their personal and professional activities in close proximity.


The flats for sale in the prime arcade of Bahria Enclave Islamabad are one of the most recent developments in the real estate market of the capital of Pakistan, but the arcade is surrounded by much high profile and top-notch commercial icons which lends it a modern and luxurious character.


Let me suggest one more thing, it is always good to own your own home instead of renting a house. All you need is to search for  Plot for rent in Islamabad  and make your family’s future secure. But at times we don’t have that much huge investment to buy a house, so in that situation renting a house in DHA Islamabad is the best option.


Nothing is as better as natural light, but when you have to deal with darkness for about 12 hours, lights come in to play. Interior designers always recommend using artificial lights along with the ceiling lights as part of your ‘visual enlargement’ strategy. Adding spotlights in ceiling brightens up the corners and creates an illusion of a higher ceiling.

What an amazing idea of ​​killing two birds with one stone?


Physical Examination of the House 

Once you are able to set your preferences, the next task is to physically examine different houses. To visit a house for renting purposes, you can consult a real estate agent or search online sources. Now many online websites like are available to help you in your search for a house for renting purposes. Here are some aspects that you should consider while visiting the house.


  1. Does the house fit your preferences? Compare the housing capacity of the house with your own requirements.
  2. Is the rent of the house according to your expectations? You must do research and try to figure out the average rent of a house in your chosen phase of DHA.
  3. Check out the quality of construction and interior design of the house. There must be proper ventilation for air and sunlight. Check out for humidity especially in old houses.
  4. Keep a focus on the location of the kitchen and the availability of washrooms. Moreover, both must have their own ventilators.


Simply get in touch with the professional experts of Gharbaar and book your next dream apartment. Gharbaar is solely dedicated to helping buyers and sellers so that they can deal with each other efficiently to navigate through the ever-changing dynamics of Pakistan’s real estate market.

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