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Top 5 Localities to Rent a Flat in Islamabad


As we all know that Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is ranked as the second most beautiful capital of the world, people are inclined towards it to invest in real estate projects. The beauty and calm atmosphere is not comparable to other capitals of the world. Islamabad is famous for its well planned and systematic road mapping. The city is well developed and well-organized and has many options Plots For Sale in Rawalpindi. It is very peaceful, cool, and clean, and its serene beauty is the best thing about it.

It is undeniably true that finding a proper flat is a little hassling task since there are several websites to check, and market rates are not constant. But let’s face it: not every real estate agent you meet while looking for a rental flat is your friend. You must be wondering what to do in this situation. Well, do not worry, I am here to help you out. Below are five tips that will facilitate you when you plan to look for a flat for rent in Islamabad.


The federal capital is not only a source of serenity but it also provides residence to its inhabitants with extravagant living standards. The infrastructure of the city is splendid and up to date with the latest trends. When it comes to a residential area, Islamabad is the most expensive city in Pakistan. The demand for individual houses and rental houses is increasing day by day and demand for properties for rent in Islamabad is also increasing. People are moving to Islamabad in large numbers so apartments are also available in different sectors and buildings to accommodate the citizens.


Flats have proper security and all facilities are given to the residents of a flat. Flats are a feasible option and are well-guarded for families who want to live in Islamabad but cannot afford big houses. So they can rent flats at reasonable prices. Investors are also paying close attention to this matter as they are now more interested in investing in flats.


So if you are searching for a homes for sale in Islamabad, then you are in the right place. We’ve got your back.


Make a wise decision because renting a flat is not day to day business. You need to consider your feasibility as well along with the location and access to the market and main city.



According to multiple surveys, DHA is the best locality so far. DHA is the top priority for acquiring a residence in every city. The reason is that they provide the best infrastructure in terms of quality and style. DHA phase 2 is the priority of many investors and buyers and many homes for rent in Islamabad. The location is ideal because different commercial areas touch almost every avenue which makes it quite an easy lifestyle for many people. The prices are high due to its market demand but still, it is a place worth spending money on. In DHA, people usually search for flats on rent. If you are interested in a 2 bedroom flat,  then its monthly rent will range from 20 thousand to 40 thousand PKR. A 3 to 4 bedroom  flat will cost you 23 thousand to PKR 40 thousand. Moreover, a 4 to 5 bedroom flat can cost you 40 thousand to 1.7 lacs a month.



Bahria Town Islamabad

Bahria town is also gaining popularity because they offer the best flats at reasonable prices for rent. Bahria town is also offering latest infrastructure with good quality. It also provides basic facilities to its inhabitants. If you want to rent a flat with one bedroom then it will cost you around 30 thousand rupees. A 3-bedroom flat will cost you around 50 thousand.


Sector E-11

This sector is famous due to its location and greenery. It provides a fresh and healthy environment for its inhabitants. This area has less population. The rental prices are relatively less in this area. The view of this sector is amazing and lush green surroundings are ornaments of this sector. The flats in E-11 mostly consist of 1 to 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms ranging from PKR 70 thousand to PKR 1.5 lacs and a flat with 4 to 5 rooms will cost around 1 lac to 4 lacs.


Sector F-10

This sector of Islamabad is also one of the best localities for residing. Houses and flats in this sector are modish. The organizational structure of this sector and roads are all very well-organized. The prices in this sector are high as compared to other sectors of Islamabad. Even flats with a single bedroom are surprisingly expensive. A fully furnished studio apartment will cost you 50 thousand to 70 thousand per month. Flats with two bedrooms will cost you around 1 lac to 2.5 lacs. But the location is really good and worth spending money on.



Gulberg is fifth on our list of best localities to rent a flat. The prices are reasonable and the area is well developed and well-organized. It is also rich in greenery to provide a cool and peaceful environment to its residents. Flats’ prices vary from location to location. In some areas like Gulberg Residencia, the rent starts from 90 thousand for a 3-room flat. Other than this, rents are reasonable; around 30 thousand to 50 thousand for a 2-bedroom flat.


Take help from professionals

Yes, you heard me right: there is nothing wrong in taking help when you are unaware of the market and even a city. Real estate will guide you and will help you find a flat that will be in your budget and will fulfill all your requirements. However, do not be shy to visit multiple real estate agents as they can show you multiple options, and then you can choose the option that is best suited for you and your family.


Do not ignore the red flags

Well, before you plan to move your stuff and shift to a new flat, you must visit the place and meet the landlord. Inspecting a flat will help you find damages and repairs that are needed to be done. Also, before signing a contract, you should look at all the terms and conditions, and if they suit you, then you can seal the deal and start packing your stuff to move into a new flat.


If you have decided to find a flat in Islamabad and still worried about where to start your search, then do not worry; you can type gharbaar on google, and there you go. You have found a solution to all your problems. With the help of this website you can explore multiple houses and flats for rent, and even if you want to buy a house or apartment, then you search from a list of options available on the website. Moreover, in case you need an expert advice then you can also contact real estate agents with the help of website as well.


The above-mentioned places are so far the best areas to rent a flat or to invest in any property. The rates of property of Islamabad are no doubt very high but the city itself offers a lot of benefits that other cities lack. There is another outstanding option for you and that is Blue world city situated in Islamabad. Visit Commercial Properties For Sale in Rawalpindi to see options. If you are unable to rent a flat for a reasonable price in Islamabad, then Blue world city is the best option for you. It was established in collaboration with China and offers a variety of facilities. is the right place to reach out to for help when you want to rent a flat in Islamabad. It will help you in renting or buying a flat or  house without any hassle. This real estate company will facilitate you in every possible manner. So, do not wait! Invest in real estate today through



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