Sunday 15 December 2019 - h 18:34


Sansone speaks after #BFCAtalanta

Nicola Sansone’s thoughts following today’s victory:

“This is very important in terms of our league position, but also when it comes to the atmosphere and our morale. A weight has been lifted through a performance where we showed sacrifice and belief. We need to remain united and continue to give everything. Our way of playing means that we do give the opposition opportunities: we often take risks by pushing up, leaving our defenders in one-on-one situations. Today, they were fantastic and in the end we got our rewards. This will be worth double if we go to Lecce and win. Poli’s and Tanjga embracing each other? The staff have given everything in the absence of the Coach, Andrea wanted to acknowledge them and give them the credit they deserve. He did this enthusiastically and it was really nice.”