Tuesday 10 January 2023 - h 00:19


Orsolini post-match comments

Riccardo Orsolini said this at the end of the match:

“Tonight I had the good fortune to score a goal and the pleasure of dedicating it to coach Mihajlovic, who unfortunately left us, and to Gianluca Vialli, who I had the good fortune to meet with the national team. I had a special relationship with Sinisa, it’s a loss like Vialli’s that hurt everyone. We approached the match with the right attitude, immediately finding the goal, then we closed in and compacted, closing the first half with no troubles, so much so that at half-time Motta complimented us. In the second half, however, we had those 10 minutes of losing our head and we paid for it. We lose matches because of some carelessness that we cannot afford to commit in this time. The absence of some starters cannot be an alibi, because those who came in made their contribution. This match does not demoralise us, but it must make us understand that we cannot lose with such good performances: we are reaping less than we sow. Let’s start again tomorrow, we have to regroup and think about next Sunday”.


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