Sunday 05 April 2020 - h 14:52


Macron enters the field in the fight against Coronavirus with the project “Stop COVID-19/Macron #NoiCiSiamo”

Macron, Bologna’s historic sponsor and an international leader in the teamwear sector, have launched their not-for-profit initiative “Stop COVID-19/Macron #NoiCiSiamo”.

In order to give a concrete contribution to the ongoing health emergency at this time, the Bologna-based company put its entire operational and logistic system to work both in Italy and internationally. In less than ten days, Macron activated the large-scale production of several types of personal protective equipment, including FFP2 and surgical masks, along with hospital grade overalls and gowns, all of which are essential for healthcare workers, operators of the civil protection and law enforcement personnel.

All of the products comply with the most stringent regulations and requirements, and the first 8 million items will reach Macron’s distribution centre in Valsamoggia over the course of the coming week, with the products then being distributed nationwide.

“It seemed natural to us to offer our know-how and supply chains in a moment of such difficulty for our country and for the entire world,” said Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron. “I am extremely proud of the efforts and commitment all of us have shown in this moment, and by the ability to promptly react to the emergency that has been demonstrated.”