Friday 05 May 2023 - h 00:58


Empoli vs Bologna : Nico Dominguez’s comments

This is what Nicolas Dominguez had to say at the end of the match: “Of course conceding a goal at the start of the game didn’t help us, but let’s not look for excuses. A defeat like this one hurts because we took the field with the motivation of eighth place and we never gave up, even though when you are three-nil down a few minutes from the end it becomes difficult. We have to take responsibility and show that we are mature: our goal remains eighth place. We come from six wonderful months and we want to do well in the five matches that remain, from here to the end of the championship we can’t make any more mistakes. With Motta we have improved a lot, we have matured in mentality and this match, like the one with Verona, we lost it. When we play with the big teams we do well, we must play like this with all the teams, already from the next away match in Sassuolo”.


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