Wednesday 27 April 2022 - h 23:44


De Silvestri after the win at the Dall’Ara

“We’re proud and happy to have won this game for our fans, for the boss and also for ourselves. Before the game, we told ourselves that we need a big performance and that every individual had to stick to his job; we did that. It wasn’t easy but we believed until the end. This means that we have a lot of qualities as a group, not just technical but also in terms of our mentality. We’re putting in good performances and we deserve it after a rough ride at the start of 2022. The gaffer always inspired us before a game. We know what he’s going through and he calls us to explain this complicated period. He congratulated us after the game today. He was happy and these are emotions that we like to keep to ourselves. We’re seeing a really authentic side of him. It makes me reflect not only on football but on life in general. Now, we just need to enjoy the final few games of the season, pick up as many points as possible and maybe catch up to the teams ahead of us.”


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