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Claudio Fenucci’s words to ANSA

“By postponing this weekend’s games, the League have set a precedent that will be difficult to change in the future. A League assembly will be held on 4 March, but on the basis of what has happened, I don’t think that Bologna vs. Juventus can be played behind closed doors. These were our CEO Claudio Fenucci’s words to ANSA about Bologna vs. Juventus, the match scheduled for next Sunday at the Dall’Ara. “It’s important that they find a general strategy in case this health emergency should continue at length instead of coming to an end soon. This topic should be addressed with responsibility and a civic sense, given the criticality of the current situation. But there is an issue for the sporting world that cannot be ignored: safeguarding the regularity of this competition.” Fenucci also spoke of the possibility that the match could be moved to Monday 9 March. “It’s possible, it’s one option, since this date is currently outside of the regional ordinance. However, the League should identify a clearer strategy in case this critical situation should go on for much longer, especially with regard for the future and so that there aren’t emergency decisions to be taken every Sunday. It may also be necessary to involve the Federation in this, also addressing the issue of the schedule for national fixtures. The on-the-pitch factors are important and it’s unthinkable to go on with two different approaches, with some stadiums suffering from continuous restrictions while others have none.”

With bookings for Bani, Schouten, Danilo and Santander in the game against Lazio, Bologna climb to the top of the list of the most cautions in Europe. An “incomprehensible” fact for the Rossoblù CEO, who asks for “one standard of judgement” from referees. “Bologna are a team who are always looking to play, approaching games in a proactive manner. There have been a lot of bad decisions in a lot of different games. Decisions that have cost us points and led to players being suspended.” Bani, Schouten and Santander will all miss the game against Juventus through suspension. “I believe that the refereeing sector has to work harder and harder to find one standard of judgement in every game, as well as similar incidents across all games,” he concluded.


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