Friday 28 May 2021 - h 20:30


Claudio Fenucci interviewed by Sky

Our CEO, Claudio Fenucci, was interviewed by Sky Sport 24 at today’s Bulgarelli Award ceremony. This is what he had to say:

“The Club’s project involves building something by improving young players on a technical level. This idea started a few years ago as we made investments geared towards heading in this direction, and I believe that Mihajlovic has done a good job in creating a team with an aggressive identity that always looks to play its game, irrespective of the opponent.

“Many of these lads have shown qualities that are out of the ordinary, so we’re happy with the path we’re on. Just remember that our starting eleven, with the exception of Palacio and Daniolo, was one of the youngest in the league. Now, we’re looking to continue going down this path to help these boys grow further, both individually and as a collective group.

“Mihajlovic? We’re pleased with the job Sinisa has done with us. Our relationship with him goes beyond being just a professional one because of what has happened on a human level, events that have tied us very close together. We’ve agreed to meet on 1 June to start planning for next season. Currently, there are no new updates to give following on from what was said a few days ago.

“The pandemic has made the situation relating to debt – something which was part of European football even before Covid – worse. It’s likely that we’ll do things differently in the next transfer window compared to what we’ve done before. In this context, our strength lies in the Club’s ownership, which is very solid and is not only capable of fulfilling existing commitments, but is also in a position to continue to invest. At this current time, in order to make a further leap forward, it might be most feasible to expand the technical project with the aim of achieving growth. The task of the managers in our sports area and our Coach will be to understand whether such a leap can be made with the arrival of other young players or that of more experienced guys.

“Will there be other Bulgarellis? The dream of every club is to have a player that comes through its own youth ranks, becomes the captain and wears the same shirt for life, transmitting the said club’s culture and mentality to new arrivals in the process. Unfortunately, compared to Giacomo’s era, it’s much more difficult to see this happen nowadays.”