Monday 04 November 2019 - h 16:33


Bigon to Radio Rai: “We’re not getting the points that we deserve”

Here are the words of Bologna Director of Sport Riccardo Bigon from his interview on Radio Rai this morning:

“Disappointment is a part of this sport and you need to be good at moving past defeats quickly: of course, losing to what was in my opinion a questionable last-minute penalty is tougher to take than a normal defeat. The team fought well, they’re giving a hard time to a lot of big teams but the points we’ve won don’t reflect that. We need to do better at converting performances into points in future.

“Ibrahimovic? The relationship is directly between him and Mihajlovic, it’s a relationship born in the past. They’ve spoken and exchanged thoughts on Ibra’s future over the past few months, but obviously it’s only him that can decide. The ball’s in his court and he’ll make his decision in the coming months, we can only remain fascinated by the idea. We’ll wait and see if includes the possibility of coming to Italy in his plans.

“The penalty for Orsolini’s challenge on Lautaro? Orsolini was certainly naïve, but in my opinion there wasn’t really clear contact. In unclear cases like those it would be better for the referee not to blow straight away and wait for a VAR check instead. If you blow straight away for a minimal contact it means that VAR can no longer intervene because it’s not a clear and obvious error: as a result we’re seeing penalties given for very light challenges, and not just against us. We’ve got the chance to check decisions with VAR, so referees should refrain from blowing immediately, wait for play to come to a close and then look back on the decision without any time pressure. If it’s still a penalty after all of that then give it.

“The goal of fighting for Europe? We’re working towards this objective and we’re at the start of a project that will continue to develop over the coming seasons. Our first round of fixtures last year didn’t go well, we were close to relegation, but we had an incredible run in the second half of the season thanks to Sinisa’s arrival and now we’re starting to build a more competitive team. However, we still have to remember that this season has also been a special one for us: despite the Coach’s absence, the team are playing extremely well, they’re fighting in every game, even competing against the bigger sides, they’re showing a lot of unity and professionalism. This is thanks to Mihajlovic who is in constant contact with the team, thanks to the players and their efforts, and finally thanks to all of the coaching staff who are doing a great job.”