Wednesday 02 December 2020 - h 15:03


BFC overseas: the Miami fan club

When it comes to loving the Bologna colours, borders don’t exist, and Wendy Cacciatori is well aware of this. She’s a big Rossoblù fan in Miami, where she opened the “Via Emilia 9” restaurant and brought the Emilian cuisine and her love of our Club to the United States. Wendy’s restaurant has since become the meeting place of the Club Rossoblù Miami.

“We’re a young fan club that gets together to watch Bologna play and enjoy Bolognese food,” said Wendy, the President of this group of people who are from Bologna but now live in Florida.

“The idea to establish a fan club was already being thought about and discussed five years ago, it was a dream of ours. Then, a year and a half ago, former Bologna forward Massimo Marazzina, who, like us, lives overseas, came to eat at our restaurant. We started speaking about the team and became friends, and he provided us with the precious contacts we needed in order to go from a mere group of supporters to a real fan club.”

Today, about a hundred people are part of the Club Rossoblù Miami. They’re either fans or sympathisers, including a few Americans who have been influenced by the enthusiasm of this group from Bologna. “We’re very happy that we’re able to support our beloved team, even if we’re overseas. When he is here on holiday with his family, President Joey Saputo sometimes pays us a visit and comments on how the team are doing while eating tortellini, tagliatelle al ragù or lasagna. We have a great President.”

There are more than 8000 kilometres separating the Dall’Ara from Miami, but the six-hour time difference does nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the Rossoblù fans in Florida: “We watch Bologna’s matches here at the restaurant, either having breakfast at dawn or eating lunch together,” Wendy told us. “When we lose, we take comfort in telling ourselves that we’ve got a great team. When we win, we open a bottle of Lambrusco, even at 9 in the morning!”